Wednesday, August 8, 2007

To think of..

Current Doing: Listening to Beautiful Girl
Wishing: 80GB external memory

I need that space for my games. I can die without these games o.O
Oh well here goes some of my rants:

1. I doubt I am going to contact the EX anymore. Last 2 days alot of things happened. Its just that. He thinks i will be blogging here n tellin everyone its ALL his fault.When i know YES. Its NOT all his faults. I know that very well. But I can't go back to him because of certain reasons like what a lot of thing happened (all these reasons has been censored coz..if i were to tell ur all gonna hate him..I dun want u all to hate him. Only a few knew what they were.) last time. & if i were to go back to him.. its called suicide move. Yes. As much as i still love him (but truthfully, lesser than the time i really loved him).. I have to be smart right? So yeah.

I really care and at the same time. I dun want to. See? Y i normally follow my head? Instead of my heart? Coz my heart most of the time.. deceived me.So here u go. PPl. stop telling me to listen to my heart. I wont. I wont.

Oh yeah. Erm BIG NEWS. This BIG NEWS will only be to night safari people. Those who works at Ulu2 or Bongo. HAHAH. I will blog it when the time comes or when it is CONFIRMED.

Hmms. I didn't wanna go to Krunk Siloso Beach Party because its an underage party. OK YES. I know i just turned 18. The MAIN reason y I didn't go underage parties when i wasn't 18 yet was because I HATE underage parties ok. NO DRINKING. its like. Might as well u dun party. Oh n well.. Yeah. I just dun wanna go underage parties.

Ok other than that PLANS:

1. Thursday go to Zoo & Night Safari with this primary school fren of mine called WAN. Since he NEVER step into Night safari before. SO yeah. We're gonnna get lunch n dinner all from there. So yea. He is excited.

2. Am still waiting for FEZGUIN's date & time to go out n eat!! HAIYOh. PROCRASTINATOR LA sidini.

3. Saturday. Rollerblading!! YAy2!!!

4. Skool starting next MONDAY. Yahoooooo~!

ok. that's it. haiyah.. i missed him. dun. dun think abt it..


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