Monday, August 20, 2007

Tears Streaming..

Current Doing: Cryin. & crying.. & crying..
Wishing for: Patience..

The first time I did..
After days,hours of forgetting..
But eventually..The past managed to catch up..
& making me feel like..regretting..

Im just gonna spill...


How u made an imapct in my life..
How all words filled me up with hopes n dreams..
Only to realise that its now gone.. shattered..
How much i loved you..

How I wish someone could count the tears I poured for you..
How much I love to go on again with you forever..
How much I wanna tell you all e sad songs that I had meant for you..
How I really wish u ARE beside me now.. On the phone with me..

Now i have to face it.
Face the consequences of calling it off.
I HAD to do it. I know I do.
If only.. If only u understood me..
I wud stand by you... Forever..

Now i'm as lonely as ever..
I dun regret my decision..
But I wanna thank you..
For teaching me whats love..

Thanks for bein one of the best bf that u cud be..
& the worse one at e same time..


P.s..I would have loved you with everything i have with me...If only we were meant to be.............*sobs*..if only.. u can see my tear stains on this entry..It wud have smudged all e words...

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