Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A week of Vacation (HAHA)

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This entry may be a pretty long one cause am going to relate what happened a week back so yes. HEre goes last TUE ok.

Mark wasn't in high spirits. He saw Ahra & KL huddling together in the front seats in bus 178. The bus where me,bob,Mizi,Rhen & Dear mark took most of the time. To lepak at Blk 123 or something. So yeah. Mark was on e verge of breaking down. I cud see tears on the brim already. So we alighted after e couple.

We walked. Bob was feeling playful that night. God knows y. I don't even know why. So... we were like acting playing tough when bob accidentally slapped me. Knowing me.. no one has slapped me before in my life.. My blood shot up. Not too high as i didn't scream/shout. But high enough to give him silent treatment for till the next time i were to see him around or smth. First msg given to me.. was one long page of 'sorrys'. OH yah. Just to not down. E boys were drinking that night. Due to Mark. He wanted to get himself drunk n stuff. So yeah.

So back to the sorry. I ignored that msg. Then came another msg.. attached to it was something i wud call it as a flatter. I ignored it again. The 3rd one came in as a shock.. He confessed he like me. Erm.. yeah. Out of e blue. Which girl wud bilif u tell me? All the jokes he hurled at me was sometimes hurting n stuff but being me.. I wasnt sensitive at e point of his jokes(coz he's lucky i wasn't having my menses when he joke all those insensitive stuffs).. So yeah. So we kinda argued(reasoning) about him being all jokey after making me angry. But well. I told him i wanna sleep. N he sent me one msg i cant bilif. Its like .. erm.. a fish out of water kinda thing. so yeah..

The next 2 days (Thurs) was NDP.

Me & Safwan went out to eat at my workplace. Since. I had never eaten there with a guy..(dun hope abt my ex. He rejects almost nething i choose.ALMOST)So i brought him along. Plus he never went to Night Safari before.. SO haha yeah. He was being very gentleman. Very nice of him. & he enjoyed Hor Fun very much. I shall remember that. Haha. It was really fun laaaa... Oh plus.. He bought me Ferrero Rocher!!! Wee~~~~!!! I LOVE IT! Ok . I will Update e pics. Its oni 2 pics. So yeah. Oh not to forget. We went to eat at Bongo Burgers too. but that is like a snack and stuff. Told bob e day before that I am coming with an old fren of mine who's a guy. He said ok. So when I went there.. Saw Bob. & intro them. Bob seems ok... Until the night phonecall reveals.. He isn't OK. at all. We ate wedges & drank Terquilla Sunrise(me) & Long Island Tea (wan). Haha.. So we went off from that place around 10.45pm..

Wee hours came. So I called Bob up. He told me.. That Shahril knew abt this thing. abt Him liking me. I asked him how. When i went with wan, he was exceptionally quiet. & he was off mood. Shahril sorta suspected it was because of me. & Bob confessed coz Shahril is like his 6 yrs friend. Bob told Mark as well. So yes. here u go. So it IS true..

I shall not dwell on this too much.U know e story roughly..

Skool started 2 days ago. Freak. It was a damn tiring first day... Ok. For today.This is it. I shall write another one after this entry..


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