Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Updated 3D proposals from my ID for 3 room BTO

I received my 3D proposals! I just found out that for BTO flats, the kitchen and bathroom tiles are provided by HDB even though if my house isn't a premium and the worse part, unable to hack them for 3- 5 years. So, me & hubs gotta make do with ugly tiles.

Anyways, here's the 3D proposals by Janice.

Living & dining room. The furniture will be colourful but I still yet to decide what family colour tone I would want. These proposals are to showcase mainly the flooring and wall colours and lighting etc. So my carpentry of the shoe cabinet (on the right) will be very useful.

Our kitchen. The kitchen is Aaron's domain (just cause he's working as a chef and just particular with the kitchen) thus most of the colours were chosen by him. Moreover, the kitchen items will also be chosen by him. Believe it or not, we have bought dinner plates/bowls/mugs etc by Bugatti (Italy) just because Cold Storage having those promos whereby you have to collect their stamps and redeem all the items at a much lower price. We are now eye-ing NTUC's WMF cutlery promo.

Our master bedroom, will not have any for the children's bedroom because I didn't request for anything so master bedroom what Aaron wanted was a desk for his computer. You really can't say not on these stuff to a gamer. Additionally, I wanted more storage for my clothes and bags. So there you are, more storage and also both of us wear specs. So we need a bedside table for the specs thus our cupboard/wardrobe are designed that way for the bedside table. We do not want a TV in the bedroom because, we don't really watch TV. We can just watch porn or other nice shows on his computer.

Our master bedroom toilet. Yeap it looks really plain because we can't freaking choose the tiles anyway due to the HDB thing. So this will do for now. There is suppose to be a light at the top of the mirror and I'm planning to buy additional items for the toilet.

All in all, this is just the surface of the house. I am pretty excited when we get the keys because all the details of the house, fixtures/functions that I have planned will come true! I'm going to save all the excitement and surprise for now :)

Till I receive anymore great updates about the house, thanks for dropping by!


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