Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Budget Wedding done in 2011

I have been reading past few months or since 2014 about weddings being expensive and how it is not worth being in debt for that one day event.

& Believe me, it is NOT worth it to be in debt cause of that 1 day event. If you really have saved and that you have the money for a lavish wedding, please feel free. This post is for those who wish to loan left and right, up and down for a lavish wedding.

Let me tell you first how much my wedding was:
Yeah you saw that right. I did not include any costs of rings incurred because I don't find that part of the celebration. We have rings though, 1 is the proposal ring to me and second is our wedding ring.

My husband as you may know by now, is a Chinese (yes converted) and I'm a Malay so we decided that we could make a joint kinda wedding. Our wedding and solemnisation was done on the same day.

Here's the breakdown:

Venue: Kintamani Restaurant @Furama Riverfront Hotel
Time; 11AM till 3PM
Date: 12/12/2011 (Monday) We went ahead with this date because it's our rship anniversary.
Pax: 130-140

Cost $4900.

Hotel Stay 2 nights: $705

Simple Dais: $300

3-Tiered Cake: $600

Tiered Cupcakes: $480

Solemnisation Gown: $253 (Rented from a boutique in JB)

Photography: $650

Pre-wedding Shoot (indoor & Outdoor) + Evening Gown for wedding that's included in the package + Bridal makeup by Feline Bridal: $2400

Those are mainly the costs. Me & hubs believed that we only invite those people that has a lot of impact and involvement in our lives so to make our wedding day more meaningful. Yeah, our parents are comfortable with that idea. As you can see, we do not have a single decoration because, the restaurant is decorated enough. The restaurant is very Balinese/Indonesian style kind of ambiance and really, you do not need to add any decor aside from center pieces that's included in their wedding lunch package. You may want to view my full Solemnisation cum Wedding Pictures here.
Additionally here's some :)

It's sparkling juice.

Oh yes, my hantaran is $10,000. BUT, my mom wants it to be given to me, so the hantaran of $10,000 is to me, and not to her, so basically, no hantaran la in that sense. Me & my family don't believe in exchanging of gifts. I don't know what's the gift exchange tradition is for cause in my opinion, whatever gifts he may give me, I can buy it on my own. Just for that special day to get LV/Chanel/I don't know what other brands so? I can afford my own after getting married to him too. & vice versa for him. Bottom line, gifts are redundant that's all I want to say.

We did not go to Europe or anywhere extravagant for our honeymoon because I just started work, and I wanted to save my leaves for another honeymoon (but I got pregnant with Rayna 4 months after marriage) so we went to Koh Samui instead for 4 nights. I have yet to upload those Koh Samui pictures in my FB because I look so, horrendous in the pictures and hubs was the only nice looking one in the pictures.

Anyways, back to the wedding costs, the food there is great. I really have no regrets having a small and affordable wedding. Our marriage is still strong and getting our house soon.

I do admit though, the cost is very minimal due to the number of guests we invited. Around 13-14 tables. That includes his immediate family,relatives and good friends and my immediate family, relatives and good friends and some of my mom's colleagues. Normally for a malay wedding invitations are between 400 pax and above? So I am really glad I celebrated our joyous moments who gave a damn to me and not those random people.

Really, I do not care if you think it's selfish because your principles and mine maybe different.

Lastly, I'll show you some shots of my Pre-wed shoots by Feline Bridal. For more you may see my Pre-Wed shoot here.

All right, that's all for now. Hope you guys enjoy this post and till more updates!


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