Saturday, May 2, 2015

Baby #2!

Yes you read that right!

I am expecting baby number #2! I am currently 28 weeks and 3 days. Before I go on about the baby, I wish to update just a little timeline of my life since my first born.

- Asheera Rayna Ang was born.
- Breastfeeding stopped on 3rd month as she couldn't latch thus I had to pump and THAT caused the BM to decrease.

March 2013
- Resumed working as a Call Centre Agent in a government sector (sorta) and it was an office hours job. It was stress free for me.

August 2014
- Quit the job and joined a banking company as a Call Centre Agent due to high pay. (In between these timeline, went for short holidays which I will post those events at a later time.)

November 2014
- Found out I was pregnant with baby #2 at 6 weeks gestation.
- Had Hyperemesis Gravidarum for 6 weeks straight and was on hospitalisation leave. It was the worse feeling ever as I didn't experience these when I was pregnant with #1.

April 2015
- Quit my job as due to my pregnancy hormones and I had bouts of health issues contributed by the pregnancy and even depression. I cry frequently, dreamt about work few days straight and pretty much having mental issues due to stress so for the sake of my unborn child, I quit. Budget maybe a bit tight, but it's for a few months till I'm back on my feet again.


& back to the baby, it's a GIRL again! I really have no issues be it girl or boy seriously but having another girl makes it simpler cause I can save Rayna's stuffs for the second one (but I still bought newborn stuffs for the #2. I just can't help it. Buying baby stuff is always therapeutic for me :P)

With my 1st pregnancy, I did not bother buying maternity clothes as I wasn't out much but somehow, this 2nd pregnancy I love to hang out with my close friends and I have energy (up till 24 weeks that is) to shop and walk (provided by blood pressure does not suddenly plunge down or my nausea or heart palpitations does not act up) so I end up buying several maternity & nursing clothes. Annee Matthews nursing & maternity clothes are really stylish and honestly, they are not THAT expensive.
Spring Maternity's maternity clothes this season is super pretty that I bought so much of it. I even bought clothes from Maternity Exchange as they have a variety of brands selling nice maternity clothes too!

I mostly buy baby items from Mothercare because I am a VIP member there since 2012 and perks will be you can get 10% discount on all regular priced items be it the in house brand or other brands they are carrying. Save a hell lot of moolah for me when I buy in bulk (Which I always do). Furthermore if you purchase $300 & above and wish to spread the cost, you can do so with UOB/DBS card with 0% IPP. Anyhow, Mothercare is having sales of up to 75% discount for their 30th Anniversary! Go crazy mamas!

Alternatively, I frequent shopping online too! Mainly bulky items like baby rocker etc. I'll list down the websites.

Agape Babies
- Mostly bought their California Baby Toiletries as they sell it in bulk and its cheaper! Rayna has very sensitive skin and mild eczema thus she can't bathe in fragrance soaps. California Baby Super Sensitive soaps for the biggest bottle cost like $50-ish each so in bulk of 3s, I get to buy it at $32 each. They do sell other baby items so do check them out.

Pupsik Studio
- Bought countless times from them for their Mini Melissa Shoes for Rayna and many other stuffs too. Very fast & prompt service.

Ok I am going to end here for the moment and it is a slightly long post than usual with no pictures. I am now revamping the blog and doing all the photoshop-ing to make it look more pleasant to the eyes.

Thank you for your patience!


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