Friday, November 18, 2011

Growing up

So here I am after 5 months of going AWOL.

Yes. The date is set 12 Dec 2011 will be my ROM day.
Preparations are all done.
The only thing is these past few months have been pretty busy for me because I am working and there were lots of appointments. & still have a few to make.

But that's just what I want to update you all on.

This is what I want to actually talk about.
I am working in a hotel line and since this hotel is more like a resort, man. The guests that patronize the place are like... animals.

Guest #1:
"Can I have an early check-in? If possible can I have the highest floor and best view? Can I also have a late check-out?"

Wtf... U have an early check in and u still want a late check out? Then those guests that's coming in after u who wants an early check in? What's gonna happen to them? Faggots.

Guest #2:
I dun mind guest complaining and whatever shits they wanna hurl at me but if u want to actually talk to the manager, ASK for the manager and not complain to me and when I am trying to explain to u, u keep cutting me in even before I can say anything. Another. Freaking. Faggot

Guest #3:
Our extra bed in the room is considered as AN EXTRA BED. There's no additional Roll out bed or whatever fucking nonsense extra extra bed. Don't u understand English?

Guest #4:
Full house situation: "I have 1 room but I may need another one is it possible?" Me replied No because we are full house. "Can we just take one of the room from those who have not check in?"
Man these guests are bloody inconsiderate.

Guest #5:
"We find it ridiculous that u wanna charge us for requesting extra glasses for us to drink blablablablabla when we wanna have a party in a standard room with 15 people in it and we are going to cause a ruckus late at night.. and guess what we did this before and no one told us off!"
Someone. Needs. Manners.

& the list goes on!!!!!!

Personally I don't like to remember these sort of people because they are a total mood demotivator and I can only remember some of them that I find ridiculous. But overall, manageable.

I am going to Good Charlotte concert later in the evening. Hope it's a good one!


P.s I hear wedding bells!


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