Saturday, April 16, 2011

Love I learnt thus far

I am a 22 year old lady who's getting married in 8 months time.
& this is what I've learnt about love/my man so far.

Common things:
He is a lot more eager to serve you in the 1st year of the rship than in the 4th year of the rship.
He expects you to understand a lot of things by the 3rd year of the rship.
You don't often say I LOVE YOU anymore because its already a mutual understanding by the 4th year.
Small things you disagree with gets very irritating but in order to not fight about it, you have to stop yourself and think that you're not perfect as well.

Uncommon (maybe) things:
He still manage to make me love him no less than I loved him yesterday or 3-4 years ago.
I realised compromise is a very difficult thing to do.
To spend $$ on priorities is slightly hard to manage but gets easier overtime.
I definitely don't find it boring even though i meet him 4 times a week because we sure as hell have activities/discussions to do.
Money issues always make your rship go bleak but knowing you have each other to support and also remind, it makes the bond stronger.
Hard to use a softer tone when i disagree (respect) with him. Still need to learn on that.

I love him. Cause, he's whatever I asked for in love. He isn't perfect. He has flaws that I do not like very much and so do I. But loving him taught me compromise, trust, communication, commitment, responsibility & to appreciate life and the people around you. In all, love, taught me to grow.


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