Friday, May 18, 2012

8 Weeks :)

After 4 months of tying the knot,
Right now is the first trimester & I am quite tired from feeling nauseated most of the time.

Me & Ron are pretty excited but I am worrying about the Down Syndrome test coming up and the blood test.
Yesterday went to the gynae and they were to collect 3 sample of my blood.
The first sample I was already vomiting in which 5 mins later I felt very faint and cold sweats all over. They had to give me glucose to increase my sugar level probably. I sure do not want to do that again :(.

I reside more with my family now because no one is able to take care of me if I'm staying over at Ron's place. All working and stuff. Plus mom's place has a helper so she can cook for me.

I can't stare at the comp screen too long by the way.


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